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Captain Matt's Fishing Report

2012 | ARCHIVES Here is an archive of fishing reports from Capt. Matt, as posted.
(Posted most recent first)


Despite the North wind, side ways snow, 3+ inches of accumulation in the boat and wind chill in the teens...these two guys had a great time chasing Steelhead on the Lower Niagara River. Mike Barry and I have been trying to get his brother-in-law Jason out on the Niagara for several years during his Christmas visit from Texas. Well, "mother nature" finally cooperated with us (kind of) this year! It looks like this will become an annual event.


Carl drove through a snow storm to to experience the Niagara. He was greeted by some fat Steelhead and some hard fighting Lake Trout. My egg bite was a little slow I pulled out the Kwik fish rods at the end of the day to finish off our limit. Another great day on the the river.

Lower Niagara River, Lewiston NY

Another fine day on the Lower Niagara River targeting Brown Trout, Steelhead and Lake Trout. We launched out of Lewiston and headed up the river this morning to the Art Park drift. We caught a nice brown trout on the first drift then we went a few drifts with out a bite. We knew we needed to make a change so we headed up to the Devils Hole area. It didn't take long and we were hooked up with our first Steelhead. During the fight we hooked into another. Moving the the Hole was a good idea. The action was fast and exciting landing some nice steelhead and some sweet Brown Trout. These guys wanted to catch some Lake Trout too so we headed down the river to Lake Ontario to the Niagara Bar. We finished out our day with some nice Lake Trout and a really FAT Brown Trout. What an awesome day to be on the water.

Day 2 Tom and Keith


Well trying to out do yesterday was going to be a challenge. As I start a new charter the following day after a great day I think to myself...I hope today is at least half as good as yesterday and we will have a great day! I have been saying this to myself for the last week and a half. Tom and keith have been fishing with me a few times a year for the last few years. When Tom got on on the boat yesterday he said " That trip we had last November...I think it was the best fishing trip we have ever had and we have been on a lot of trips. I hope this year is half as good as last year!" I hope I'm not starting to sound like a broken record. These two guys caught so many fish they were tired reeling in fish by the end of day TWO.

With only a short time left in the day we had 3 doubles and one drift that we landed 5 fish. The bite was on! So...Keith hooks into a lake trout...Tom grabs the net and says we got this you catch one. So...not wanting to pass up the opportunity to wet a line I dropped mine in. With in about 30 seconds I was hooked up! I tried to hand the rod off and I got...We're busy over here. You catch it! This doesn't happen very often...So as I'm fighting the fish it comes to the surface and I see it's a Huge Brown. I yell to my guys..." Get that Lake Trout out of the net!!! This one's a beauty." A few seconds later a fat 10lb+ Brown hits the deck. Shortly after that we were back at the dock with our limit of Browns & Steelies and sore arms from all the Lake Trout. As we sat there taking a break, Tom and Keith both agreed that this was the best day of fishing they have ever had and that this trip was BETTER than last years! From a captains stand point...It doesn't get any better than this. Let the pictures speak for them selves...

Nov. 20th


Ok I'm starting to sound like a broken record. This was the third day in a row that we started out the day with a double and the third day in a row that we caught a fish on every drift. We also had 3 doubles too. They wanted a triple? My response..."Who's going to drive the boat and net the fish?" YES THE FISHING IS THAT GOOD! You know it's good when your clients say "Awe man! Not another laker!" as they are both hooked up. Tom (aka...mop squeezer) and Keith went home with tired arms and a full cooler. The steelhead were snapping in the morning and the Lake trout...well they just eat ALL day!

Nov. 19th

The action was non stop ALL day. We hooked fish on every drift! We had a mix of Steelhead and Lake the end of the day our landed count was 35! How many bites did we have? How many did we hook and not land? It's really hard to describe how good the fishing is right now. You just have to experience it for your self to believe it!

Nov. 18th

Jim Wilhelm and company on their first but definitely not their last Lower Niagara River fishing trip. They all went home with sore arms and a cooler full of fish. If I told you how many fish we wouldn't believe me! You should probably just come see for your self. LETS GET THE NET WET

Nov. 15th

Bob and Chuck on their annual "Thursday before Thanksgiving trip". They have been ready to come back since last November. We had steady action all day and they weren't disappointed!

Nov. 13th

We landed 20 fish today and lost plenty more...

Nov. 12th & 13th

Cliff didn't have enough fun on Monday with his granddaughter so he came back on Wednesday to get a few more

Niagara River...Nov 10th & 11th

Another awesome weekend on the Niagara River! I had this weekend booked for a three day trip since early August... then I received a call from my good customer (Uncle Eric) on Thursay morning: "Matty...It's not looking good for the weekend! My power has been out for the last 10 days and things are really bad here. It doesn't look like we are going to make it." Eric's town was one of the hard hit areas of New Jersey. Luckily he didn't get flooded out and no one was hurt...his family just lost power.

On my way up the river this morning I received a text that his power was back on and things were looking better. Due to the cancelation I was able to get out and do a little fun fishing of my own. I wish Uncle Eric and the guys would have been able to make it because the fishing was awesome. We caught Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Steelhead and Smallmouth Bass.

Call me 716-550-0413 and let's GET THE NET WET!

Lower Niagara River 11/7/12

My good friends Andy and Bob made the trip from PA again to experience the the awesome trout fishing on the Lower Niagara River. We had steady action all day! Hooking fish on every drift. We really didn't keep track of numbers...we were to busy. With out exaggerating we had 60+ bites today. We landed around 20 and lost at least that many. Most of the fish were Lake Trout with some Steelhead and Brown trout mixed in. November is the time to fish the Niagara! Lets get the net wet...716-550-0413... www.getthenetwet

Night fishing for Kings...Sept, 2012

The thrill of catching a King Salmon at nite casting a spoon is hard to describe. You just have to experience it!

Sept.20th Niagara Bar
The Niagara bar just keeps giving up trophies! My new friend Ed Houser from Austin Texas was all smiles today. We started off the day with a beautiful Hen King Salmon and ended the day with a 15.08 Lb Trophy Brown. Lets not forget about the Atlantic Salmon and the steelhead that came amongst these other fish. It's late September and the Niagara Bar is still the place to be.


Saturday, 9/15/2012

The Salmon just keep biting and biting and biting! Keith and Caren had a great first experience salmon fishing on lake Ontario. Despite Keith bringing bananas for breakfast we still managed to get our limit.

Sept. 15th and still catching kings on Lake Ontario!

Thursday, September 13th

What an awesome day on the Niagara Bar (LAKE ONTARIO). These two guys had the time of their life catching kings today. Here is our morning catch...We were back to the dock by 11:30. WE have been getting a mix of fish latley. Check out the this awesome coho. We also had steelhead and lake trout. Don't wait to catch kings when they come in the river! Come catch them in the lake. It really doesn't get any better than this! Lets GET THE NET WET!

Monday Sept. 10th Afternoon Trip

The Niagara Bar keeps giving up it bounty!

September 10th
Limited out Monday morning...the salmon fishing in the lake is as good as it gets!!

Niagara Bar Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing 9/9/12

Finally got Cliff and his granddaughter Haley out for some afternoon salmon fishing. What a great day we had...the sun was shining and the fish were biting! We were greeted by a double to start the evening and the action was steady for the whole trip. The big males were aggressive and angry tonight not giving up till the end. Our biggest for the evening was a little over 27 Lbs. This won't last much longer so don't miss your chance to GET THE NET WET!

(Click to enlarge. Click again to reduce the picture and view more!)

Niagara Bar...9/7/12

Another great day on the "BAR"! Jack and the boys came up from Pittsburgh for their first salmon trip on lake Ontario. We had lots of action...Landed a few and dropped a few...thats just how it goes some days. Congrats to Jack for landing Tyee #3 of the season and my second this week. This might have been their "first" trip to lady O but it won't be their last.

(Click to enlarge. Click again to reduce the picture and view more!)

9/1/12 & 9/2/12  Labor Day Weekend 2012

What a great Labor Day weekend on Lake Ontario. Scott and Melissa came to Lake Ontario and enjoyed some nice weather and lots of salmon action. Limit catches of mature kings both Sat. & Sun. Here are some pics from Saturday...we didn't take any pictures on Sunday since the end result was the same. Congratulations to Scott for landing our second TYEE OF THE SEASON. This male was just over 30Lbs.

LOC Fall Derby Winners in the Lake Trout Division...

(Click to enlarge. Click again to reduce the picture and view more!)

Wet Net Charters ...
Capt. Matt Yablonsky (2nd Place) and his dad, Herb Yablonsky (5th Place)!

Wet Net Charters Wins Fish Odyssey Grand Prize!
At the awards ceremony held at the Town of Newfane Community Center, all six first place winners were placed into a hat to draw for the $2,500 Grand Prize and this year's winner was Capt. Matt Yablonsky of Youngstown, operator of Wet Net Charters. Wet Net placed 1st in the Lake Trout Division. .

Read more!

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Here are a few recent satisfied Wet Net Charter fisherman!

August 13th

Nice job, Cliff!

He endured 3&4 foot waves last nite so he could get some fish for the grill. Once we got to put spot the bite ead good. It just took a little longer to get there and get home.

August 5th

The kings were snaping on the "bar" today. Not to bad for a short morning on the water. Congradulations to Dan for landing our first fish over 30 Lbs. this season!

(Click to enlarge. Click again to reduce the picture and view more!)

July 5th

(Click to enlarge. Click again to reduce the picture and view more!)

July 7th

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July 20 - 22nd

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June 5, 2012

Another WIN for Wet Net Charters!

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April 30,2012
Lake Ontario Report

Lake Ontario is the place to be if you want to catch big fish! Just ask Steven Mayer,Gordon Clark and Colin Clark. We had a few goals in mind before we set out to fish this morning. Steven wanted to catch a 25# king salmon and a 20# Lake Trout to put on the wall. We decided to start off the morning Salmon fishing and finish off the day with Lake Trout. As soon as we got all the rods set...our speed adjusted...and our course set...the sweet sound of a screaming drag set the stage. We were hooked into our first king of the day!

(Click to enlarge. Click again to reduce the picture and view more!)

750 feet of line later the fish decided to take a hour later we had him in the net and on the deck. Goal #1 in the books Steven landed his 25# king. We landed a few more kings and some lakers out in the lake at 11:00 am we decided to pull lines and target lakers. Between 11:30 and 2:30 we landed 30 leakers and a coho. We even had a triple! I decided to give these guys ONE more shot at the trophy laker. So into the bonus round we went 3 more fish then we go home with or without the wall hanger. Our first fish to hit the deck in bonus round tipped the scale close to 17 LBS! Steven made the call that this one was good enough for the wall. Into the live well he went and we headed for the dock.

April 28, 2012

Awesome start to the 2012 trolling season! Fished today with Rob,Duane and Riley from Frontier Comunications. After a cold start to the morning (1/2 hour ride to the fishing spot at 33 Deg), we all got warmed up with some great fishing and lots of action. We boxed out today with a nice mix of fish...8 kings,3 lakers, 1 coho! 3 kings over 20# in's going to be a good season! Congradulations to Riley Blakley for landing a 24# spring King Salmon. Call for availabilities...(716) 550-0413!

(Click to enlarge. Click again to reduce the picture and view more!)

April 18, 2012
Mid-week Fishing Report

The lake trout fishing on the bar is as good as it's going to get right now! There are also kings,cohos,browns and steelies all over the Niagara Bar. There is more bait and fish on the bar than water! LOL I have never seen it this good before! Especially this early in the season.

Oh yes, the Devil's hole area of the Lower Niagara River is still loaded with steelhead and the shallow water in front of Fort Niagara is holding trophy Smallmouth Bass Staging to spawn.

I have a few prime dates left through May. It's time to GO FISHING!

April 15, 2012

Niagara Bar Fishing at it's best!

Another great day of Lake Trout fishing aboard the "WET NET". Only fished a half day today...the rain shortened our trip a little, but my guys were completely satisfied with their day. In the short period of time we fished we landed 20 of 23 Lake Trout! The fishing is prime right now.

(Click to enlarge. Click again to reduce the picture and view more!)

With a front moving in the fish were really feeding good. Our average size fish today was over 16 Lbs. I have 3 days left during the Spring LOC derby. Don't miss your chance at winning some extra cash.

It's time to "GET THE NET WET" www.getthenetwet .com

APRIL 14, 2012

Fished with Jeff Miller and company today. The Niagara bar was giving with her bounty today! We started off the day with a triple and kept a good pace all morning. We landed 30 Lake Trout and a Coho before noon. We had a few trophy Lakers also...our 3 biggest today were 23, 20, & 19 Lbs.

(Click to enlarge. Click again to reduce the picture and view more!)

We finished off the day with a few nice steelhead and some smallmouth bass from the hole. Can't wait to fish with these guys again in a few weeks for the LOC DERBY to take their shot at the $12,500 Grand Prize. They want to help Team Wet Net go for the heaviest Laker in the Spring LOC Derby to make 4 in a row.

I have 3 derby days left don't wait to long to "GET THE NET WET" www.getthenetwet .com

April 7, 2012

My friends from Montreal, came back again for another fishing excursion today! The plan for the day was to hit the lake for some lake trout. We tried for awhile but the north wind was just making it too hard. We had 4 short strikes but we couldn't get them to hook up. Before we headed back up river we decided to do a little early season Smallmouth Bass fishing.

In a short period of time we landed 12 beautiful Bass. Three of these were over 5 Lbs.!! We took a few pics and put these trophy females back so they can spawn and ensure great fishing in the future. We figured by now most of the boats in devils hole had enough fun so we made our way up river for some action. After a few drifts we had the river to ourselves.

We ended our day with 5 Steelhead,1 Lake Trout, 1 sucker and a carp. Some of the other Captains have been saying the bite has been slow...if you plan you day correctly and pay attention to the details...success will be on your side. Jason and Dominic didn't have any trouble catching fish with ME!

April 5 & 6, 2012

Lower Niagara River

The Steelhead fishing on the Lower Niagara River is really good right now! Fished with Dominic and Jason from Montreal yesterday and today. These two guys fished their asses off the last two days ...under some tough conditions! They listened to what I told them to do and picked up the program right away. Resulting in, us getting our limit of steelhead both days.

(Click to enlarge. Click again to reduce the picture and view more!)

Thursday we had our limit by 9:30 AM. Today it took us till 2 PM. Between the two days we landed over 30 Steelhead! WE had 3 fish over 10 lbs and many more between 8 & 10 lbs. The fish have been a little picky as to what they will bite but with the right program and lots of attention to the "DETAILS" you can turn a slow day into a GREAT day!

Tomorrow we are heading the the Niagara Bar to play with some Lake Trout. April 29th is still available if you want to catch some Niagara STEEL. Lets GET THE NET WET! 716-550-0413

March 25, 2012

Lower Niagara River Report

Man what an awesome day of fishing! I had a good day on Sunday fishing with Joe Hill, Wayne Hill, Drew Neilly from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The bite was a little tough today, but these guys worked really hard and listened to my instructions to a "T".

We dropped a few fish in the morning but after they got the hang of it the steelhead didn't have a chance! We stuck it out and didn't move from the Devil's Hole are they landed some really nice Steelhead. We had 3 fish over TEN pounds! Our biggest was around 14 lbs.

(Click to enlarge. Click again to reduce the picture and view more!)

These guys couldn't be happier and can't wait for the next trip. The water is warming up fast so don't wait for you chance to tangle with some Niagara River Chrome!

716-550-0413 lets GET THE NET WET!

March 18, 2012

Lakers on the bar..

What an awesome day to be on the water in March the temperature hit the 70 degree mark today. Fished today with Randy and Mark from Washington Mills. These two guys have been waiting for awhile to get into some good Lake Trout fishing.

At one point there were 40 boats fishing the Niagara bar. We stuck it out through all the boat traffic and had a stellar day. We had consistent action all day long...we had many doubles and even a triple...we hooked over 35 fish today!

When it comes to Lake Trout fish with WET NET CHARTERS and you will "get the net wet!"

March 17, 2012

   Fished the Niagara bar ...

Fished the Niagara bar area of Lake Ontario with my good friends Jim Dolly and Mike Barry. We only fished a couple hours and had plenty of fun catching Lake Trout and Brown Trout. We also had a few hitchikers stop to rest after getting lost in the fog.

Jim is a Walleye pro on Lake Erie. He is one of the best walleye fisherman I know. I may have turned him into a believer..."MAN THESE LAKERS PUT UP A FIGHT...THEY JUST DON'T GIVE UP!" (Jim "WALLEYE WARRIOR" Dolly). he understands why I like to fish for trout instead!

Capt. Matt

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